Partnership for Reviving Routine Immunization in Northern Nigeria;
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Consultancy Reports

Reviewing Vaccine and Logistic Systems, March 2012

Design of Young Women’s Support Groups Initiative, March 2012

The Gunduma story, June 2010
Rapid review of funding and financial framework for delivering immunization services, April 2010
Workshop on 'bringing PHC under one roof' (Abuja) April, 2010
Rapid immunization assessment, April 2010
Polio community forum - training DVD rollout, March 2010
Cluster studies report May 2010
Roll-out of SDSS in Katsina State, February 2010
Assessment and adaptation of training packages and ToT focused ANC,PNC&FP, July 2011

Review and documentation of community engagement approach and interventions, March 2011

Establish and execute training information management system as part of HRIS, August 2011

Interstate data review, March 2011

Implementation of ISS in Katsina State, July 2011

Implementation of ISS in Yobe State, May 2011

Review of Kangaroo Mother care implementation in PRRINN MNCH States, July 2011

2011 annual PPRHAA exercise in Katsina State, September 2011

Undertaking 2011 annual PPRHAA exercise in Yobe State, August 2011

Training workshop for qualitative research for state OR team, September 2011

Routine immunization communication review, August 2011

Strengthening transport management system (Driver training) in Yobe State, June 2011

Wish effect, November 2010

Research into the performance of clinics in Jigawa state and the determinants of their performance, January 2011

Strengthening Katsina medical store, December 2010

Nahuche HDSS pilot census, October 2010

Support to NHIS CBSHIS roll-out in programme states, January 2011

Results of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) end line survey for MNCH in Katsina, Yobe and Zamfara States, July 2011

Review and revision of national training manuals for: FP, focused ANC & PNC, February 2011

Post training follow up of quality improvement initiatives for MNCH services in targeted EOC facilities in cluster 1, 2 and 3 in Katsina State, October 2011